WHAP began in 1990 with the vision and driving effort of Mattie Boatman and Royce McLemore. It started off with sixteen Marin City women gathering on Royce's front lawn to express their concern for the life of community's young women who lived in public housing. What followed was a formation of a small Women Support Group "Women Helping Women" (WHW). Among the women in the group were Cora Cosio, Suzanne Cooper, Candy Elders, Mary Morgan, Debra Judd, Lori Fall, to name just a few. Under Royce's leadership Women Helping Women gradually was transformed into something greater, a "Women Helping All People" orgaization - a vital Family and Educational Resource Center in Marin City, that now has a private school. Assisted by the Marin Housing Authority, Community Action Marin, the Sausalito School District and various county agencies, WHAP's mission expanded to provide low-income Marin residents - particularly those in public housing - with information, support services, and educational opportunities that develop self esteem, economic self-sufficiency, and a sense of community.


Board of Directors:

  • Royce McLemore
  • Jackie Dedrick
  • Mary Morgan


  • Royce McLemore, executive director
  • Kristie Morris, administrative assistant
  • Debi Burton, administrative assistant
  • Frankie Perelson, teacher
  • Christine Jones, teacher
  • Cheik Fall, teacher
  • Gordon Cox, teacher
  • Isaiah Greyson, tutor
  • David Vaughn, tutor
  • Mariah Ashby, tutor
  • Marquel Harris, Finder's Keepers Shop coordiantor

Some of our programs and services are made possible in part or entirely by tireless effort of our volunteers, who share our vision for help and community services.
Sponsors and Supporters:
So much needed funding for our programs comes in part from generous support of several Marin organizations, and private individuals. We are fortunate to have understanding and supportive sponsors. And we are ever so greatful to them. (If you are one of our "Angels" we thank you again).


In 2006 the founder and Executive Director of Women Helping All People, Royce McLemore, was recognized by Marin Community for her social contribution and selfless public work and was inducted into Marin Women's Hall of Fame in a category of Social Change.


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