Our Philosophy

Women Helping All People (WHAP) Scholastic Academy was established in 2000. Founding philosphy of the Academy is based on Christian principles, and the belief that when these principles are put at the foundation of education, the result is knowledge that educates and informs the whole person, spiritually and intellectually.


Our Mission

WHAP Scholastic Academy's mission is to develop our children's young minds so that they may become successful scholars, who display a strong sense of self-worth, purpose and community responsibility. We provide a loving, nurturing and supportive environment that enables our students to strive for excellence and to become "Godly" leaders of tomorrow.


Our Objectives

  • Promote literacy
  • Foster student wellness and safety
  • Address the needs of students
  • Provide access to quality education for underprivileged children
  • Prepare children to be leaders of tomorrow

How We Ensure and Measure Success

QUALITY EDCATIONAL INSTRUCTION is ensured in a small-group, highly-individualized teaching environment, with a well-ballanced curriculum that includes speech, reading and composition, mathematics, social studies, science and foreign language.
SPIRITUAL GUIDENCE that instills Christian character and values is integrated into the curriculum through prayer, Bible studies and discussions.
ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT is provided through extra-curricular activities such as field trips, environmental studies, nature hikes and computer literacy training.