Become a WHAP supporter.

The mission and goal of our organization is to help people in need. But the type and the amount of help and number of services we can offer to others often depends on availability of our own funds and people. We rely on federal, state and local programs and grants aimed at helping people and communities not only survive but to become healthy and vibrant part of society, stimulate learning and education, develop marketable skills, and promote growth of local small businesses. We are also supported by private individuals, and organizations who share our goals and vision, and want to join us in our effort or want to see us succeed. As a non-profit organization we have a 501(c)(3) status. So, your donations to us are tax deductable.
We are also looking forward to hear from volunteers: If your convictions and desire to give back to community or help others call for action, come and talk to us -- we have many venues and programs where your effort may be of great help.
Our "Finders' Keepers Shop" gives away items of clothing and consumer goods to families and people in need who can not afford to buy new items. So if you upgraded your wardrobe, computer, TV set or microwave..., but your old one is still in good and working condition please consider donating it to WHAP, where we may find it a new grateful family or owner.
We are greatful to and are looking forward to hear from all our supporters and sponsors -- past, current and future.

Donations by Check

Please make your check payable to "Women Helping All People" and mail it to:

            Women Helping All People 
            79 Cole Dr, Suite 5
            Marin City, CA 94965